Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back on the Beat.

I know, I know. How dare I start such a demanding blog, write two posts, and disappear for a month? I'm sure you're probably thinking I just simply got bored of it. I'm tempted to leave the blog as it is just for the sake of projecting such an ironic ghost into the blogosphere.

The truth is, I've been very busy. School and this city have been rocking my proverbial world. And according to some recent articles I've read in the New York Times, I may actually benefit from a little dead time.

This article takes a neurological approach. It's funny to have just read, because I spent an hour and a half in the line at the DMV yesterday wondering if celebrities had to wait, too. Anyway, the author doesn't seem to reach any groundbreaking conclusions, but the data is rather interesting, as is the introduction of the idea of "microboredom," which I experienced during the aforementioned DMV line. I must say, though, I need to ruminate a bit on this idea that boredom allows us to compartmentalize information.

The second article appeared in the NYT Book Review back in January. I like how the author suggests that "interest" is boredom's opposite, calling it an "equally bland smiley-faced twin," though it makes me wonder if all interest is feigned interest. Anyhow, the article takes a literary standpoint and supports the argument that boredom itself has been prodded along by the modern novel.

While again, there are no groundbreaking epiphanies laid forth by either of these articles, I suggest reading them, if only to get a slight existential glimpse of yourself. Print them out and take them with you next time you have to go to the DMV.


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