Friday, March 19, 2010

Call for Artists/Videologists

Well, I've been asked to do another video gig. This time it's going to be in a large, raw warehouse space. This just tickles me because the bigger the space, the bigger the projections!

My cousin is curating a show at the 319 Performance Space on Friday, April 30th. There will be 4 bands and 4 DJs and as far as projections go, I have creative freedom for the entire night!

I would of course love to mix video for 8 straight hours, but I think that could also get a little intense, so I am looking for a few other people to help me out with the workload.

Additionally, the curators are looking for artists to help design large art panels that will double as acoustic treatments. Essentially, I would love to see this place turned into an audio/visual wonderland/party palace.

If you know anyone who is interested in working on this, please shoot me a line!

Lizzie B.

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