Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Oral Surgery Look Better than Ever

This past weekend I had my first "VJ" gig. I would rather not call it "VJing" though as I don't like the idea of being a "video jockey." I prefer to just call it live video mixing, though come to think of it, maybe I'll pay a friendly nod to the 1950s, which inspire a lot of my visuals and call myself a Video Jerk.

Most of all, I'm kinda just psyched to have a new audio/visual tool to play with.

A good friend of mine organized some people to throw a benefit party for a girl who lost her teeth in a terrible biking accident.

Because of the theme, I decided to find imagery of oral surgery, old toothpaste commercials and ephemeral films on good oral hygiene. The images created a cool ambiance while DJ Suggested D provided aural pleasure with a slightly thematic DJ set.

Most of what I did involved taking images and boosting the contrast, making sort of ethereal and whimsical moving backgrounds, sometimes layering two different videos and sometimes layering the same video on top of itself. Anyway, I look forward to playing with this toy more often and eventually posting some video footage.





Anyway. I feel like I'm living inside an early 90s music video looking at these images. If anyone has any parties that need some video ambiance I'd love some more experience doing this stuff.

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  1. What software did you use? And do you want any footage? I'm getting into this stuff too (done it a couple times for bands, and me & Andy have been talking about weird installation freakout parties) and have a couple projectors just sitting around the place. Anyway I have a Mediafire folder and a bunch of discs of silent/sponsored/technical/industrial/weird footage (plus some access to the everythingisterrible archive, shh) so hit me up at my gmail