Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Lizzie Boredom

Well, I did it.

And it was terrifying.

I filmed and edited two different versions. And I plan to film even a third or fourth. The first version was poorly lit, and I was sick while shooting so you can hear the cold in my voice. The second version has better lighting, but some of the humor was somehow lost and replaced with a Miranda July-esque saccharine awkwardness. I would like to keep shooting these and find the middle ground between straight cerebral comedy and uncomfortable avant garde.

Alas, I will probably never be fully satisfied with any of my work, and there comes a time when you have to just put it out there. And Lizzie Boredom has just been itching to surf the digital wave.

So here you have it, folks. Introducing: Lizzie Boredom.

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