Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real Life Just Got More Meaningless

Have you guys seen what's happening to Twitter? Kanye West's favorite way to say too much is being revamped with tons of new features, including embedded media and infinite scrolling. WOW! I can happily share even more garbage with everyone and have an unending stream so I don't have to wait that agonizing .5 seconds for the page to load more tweets. ECSTASY.

More interesting, though, is the promotional video Twitter released to introduce Twats to the new format (below). I love how they're trying to pass off a micro-blogging site, where the majority of users update their ASININE EMPTY COMMENTS to the world, as an intimate personal experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled throughout your day. Now you all know I love to tweet, but just because we HAVE the technology to tell the world when we get laid, does that mean that we should? Isn't it nice to have a few secrets? Sometimes I wonder if Twitter is just a place for us to dispose of all the unimportant thoughts we have to get out of our system before we have meaningful thoughts...

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